Special Edition: HILDA - Made in Spain

Our handbags are handmade in different workshops around the world, mainly around South East Asia, where our python leather comes from. However, our heart and soul are Spanish and our strong roots have driven us to make a very special edition: one Made in Spain. Our Hilda. A tote bag with an overwhelming presence. A collection of handbags made one by one by the highest skilled artisans, using the most exquisite materials. A handbag to fall for and to never leave behind. A handbag we are very proud of.

We carried the best python skins all the way from South East Asia to Spain, where they were tanned and dyed ,to finally be put together and shaped by our Ubrique masters, creating our dearest Hilda.

We wanted to create a simple tote bag with a special touch; a classic that went out of the ordinary. Hilda is a combination of textures, colours, and elegance that leaves no one indifferent. Its soft touch, its lightness, and its extraordinary finishes, worthy of Spanish high-end craftsmanship, make Hilda our Spring whim.

Carolina Susaeta