Made in Spain

Luxury inside out. In Mis Balinesas we understand luxury as the undeniably well-made, with sentiment. Exceptional products in their design and craftmanship. For this reason, we work with expert leather artisans, whose profession is already a tradition with a heritage of more than 200 years.

It is in Ubrique (Spain), hub of leather craftmanship and capital of the "Made in Spain“ most premium leatherwork, where our handbags are handcrafted, one by one. It is here where our fine python skins are worked, sewn, and shaped into our bags.




Our fine python skins travel from Southeast Asia to Spain, where they are tanned, treated and finished under the best conditions, which gives our skins an exceptional shine and touch that make them stand out from the rest. Also, all our hardware is manufactured in Spain, using noble materials and maintaining the highest quality in each of the elements of our bags.

Design, tradition, care and excellence are put together in every detail of the process to create exceptional pieces full of value.


slow life


Mis Balinesas believes in the slow life movement, an approach that highlights the value of artisanal work and the culture of effort. This philosophy is also followed in Ubrique, where craftsmanship is centennial and artisans are masters in leather skills and techniques, mixing creativity and innovation in each piece.