We are handbags lovers. We are passionate about special bags that go beyond the classic. Those handbags whose energy flirt with fantasy. Those that make you shine day-to-night. We believe in elegance without losing colour, and that life is better with a touch of fun.

Carolina Susaeta is the heart and soul behind Mis Balinesas. Born in Madrid, she received all her training in England, where she studied Business Management and specialized in Brand Management, at the prestigious Marangoni Fashion School. Passionate about fashion, she developed her professional career in companies like Calvin Klein and Levi's.

Since January 2015, she lives in Singapore and it was there where she started her own personal adventure in the fashion world. Few trips to Bali where necessary to fall in love with this magical island that radiates a special atmosphere. The colors and magic of Bali are the source of inspiration for her designs, and the origin of the vibrant and exotic skins of her bags. Carolina designs from her studio in Singapore, and the factory where her handbags are handcrafted is in Ubrique (Spain) , the cradle of luxury leather goods. This fusion of cultures and talents is what defines Mis Balinesas: “Born in Bali, Crafted in Spain, Designed in Singapore”.



Python skin is a very smooth exotic skin with scales. Original from Southeast Asia, it is the most sophisticated and exquisite of all exotic skins. Its touch is fine and delicate, and it is known for its great variety of colors, its flexibility and its durability. It becomes more beautiful with time as its scales open naturally and the skin becomes more silky and supple. Its true beauty can be appreciated only through the years.

All our skins have the CITES certificate (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which regulates the international trade of exotic species and guarantees the legal, sustainable and traceable commercialization of them, supporting the conservation of the wild species and contributing to a sustainable development.