Our Privacy Policy

1. By registering, I hereby authorise, agree and consent to allow Mis Balinesas and its affiliates (collectively “Mis Balinesas") to:- collect, use, disclose and/or process personal data about me that I had previously provided Mis Balinesas, that I now provide Mis Balinesas, that I may in future provide Mis Balinesas with and/or that Mis Balinesas possesses about me including but not limited to my name, my date of birth, my identification number, my email address, my telephone numbers, my address for the following purposes: to provide me with information or services that I have requested or agreed to receive, including to send me electronic newsletters, or to provide me with special offers or promotional materials on behalf of Mis Balinesas or third parties during any promotions; facilitating, processing, managing and/or maintaining my relationship with Mis Balinesas; dealing in any matters relating to Mis Balinesas products, services and activities; conducting research, analysis and development activities to enhance Mis Balinesas  products, services and/or operations, and/or otherwise for Mis Balinesas business operations and purposes; and storing, hosting, backing up of my personal data. (b) disclose personal data about me to Mis Balinesas’ third party service providers and agents that are engaged by Mis Balinesas from time to time (“Mis Balinesas’ related parties"). I hereby acknowledge, agree and consent that Mis Balinesas’ related parties may collect, use, disclose and/or process my personal data.

2. In addition, I hereby authorise, agree and consent to allow Mis Balinesas and/or Mis Balinesas’ related parties to send me such marketing, advertising and promotional information, materials and/or documents relating to Mis Balinesas products, services and activities, and/or products, services and activities of third parties that Mis Balinesas may collaborate with through email, telephone call and/or text messages. 

3. Please be informed that you may update the personal data and/or withdraw your consent in writing at any time.